MHR Helmets Safety Technology Malaysia

The missions of MHR Helmets Safety Technology Malaysia are not always only been high quality of the products, the protection and the comfort are the top priorities to every riders. The helmets meet and exceed the safety standards, and they give you value for your money. A helmet is the most important riding gear and besides being made chiefly for safety, they are also made for comfort. MHR helmets are built using new helmet technology to meet the different needs of the rider – comfort, performance and protection. The sleek design and quality of MHR helmets is superb and it is maintained from the production and manufacturing process to the graphic application and final assembly.

There are different MHR helmets for different type of riding. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, weight and colours. The MHR helmets come in a variety of models to suit your individual needs – full face helmets, open face helmets and motocross/ off-road helmets. There are the helmets specifically styled for high speed and long races to suit the experienced riders.

The MHR helmets have a good fit and finish. A helmet’s fit is important because it makes all the difference in the event of an accident. The exterior and interior of the helmets are designed to offer exceptional protection no matter how far or how long you ride. MHR helmets have great aerodynamics that help the helmet stay in place and lock the rider’s head in the correct angle.


Full circumference EPS Liner

MHR helmet Safety Technology Malaysia make use of EPS liners for their great shock absorbing quality that help protect the rider’s head from injury during impact by absorbing any energy on impact and it reduces and prevents stress from being transferred to the brain and head. They are fitted with full circumference impact-absorbing EPS liner that helps provide a premium face and head protection.

Shell construction

The helmet shell is the first-layer of defense in the event of a fall and it should be good enough to absorb the impact energy and distribute the impact forces safely and efficiently. MHR use hard ABS shell that gives the helmets a tough and durable structure.

MHR have several shell sizes for a perfect hold, custom fit for all heads sizes, and comfort.

Some of the helmets have a neatly secure chin strap attached to the shell to help hold the helmet on the rider’s head.

Interior System

The interior of the MHR helmets is designed to provide maximum comfort and maintain a firm hold in any form of riding. The helmets are made of CoolMax anti-bacterial fabric that absorbs the heat and dissipates moisture leaving the rider cool and dry.

Most of the MHR helmets are equipped with 3D interior with a fully removable anti-bacteria liner making it easy to clean and reinsert, and replace in case of damage. The liner is made of Aegis Anti bacteria fabric that helps reduce odor producing bacteria hence keeping the interior fresh when the helmet is worn. The 3D fitment helps encase your skull well and enhance a comfortable fit and a great ear cushioning enabling the rider to enjoy a high-speed ride free of distraction.


MHR’s multi-ventilation systems help clear interior hot and humid air more effectively and maintain a great air flow. The sufficient venting allows cooling air to circulate effectively through the liner and shell


The face shield helps keep elements (dirt, wind, rain and insects) out that is approved for optically correction vision. It gives a perfect peripheral vision. The shield has an anti-UV visor that provides protection from the sun’s damaging rays. It can be easily removed and replaced when need be.